We never forget why we do what we do.

Our buses don't just carry passengers. They carry the most precious cargo there is: Our children.

Being an industry leader means caring about more than engineering, design, and fluid economy. It means truly understanding what our buses are made of and who they’re for. That’s why we build our buses as if our own children ride them: Because they do. At IC Bus, we believe you can't build a better bus unless you truly appreciate what – and who – goes into one.

Built with our children in mind.

For the past 10 years, IC Bus has held strong as the No. 1 bus manufacturer in the industry. Why? Because we don’t just build buses – we build them with children’s future in mind. With better engine solutions and above-and-beyond service and support, we design our vehicles to protect our children and the people who get them to school safely, day in and day out.

Each bus we build is backed by the power of Navistar®, a global leader in the transportation industry with over 175 years of experience. Together, we work to help our bus drivers transport our most precious cargo – safely, comfortably and reliably, every day.

Engineering for Our Future

A better driver means a safer drive. There's one way to make sure America's children are safer every day on their way to and from school: By giving school bus drivers a well-engineered cockpit.

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We're proud to say that 15 million children ride IC Buses to and from school each year. They're your children. They're our children. And they're our most precious cargo.


At IC Bus, we're not just keeping our most precious cargo safe — we're building a company that's truly special.

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