Every day 15 million students ride to school on an IC Bus. These are stories about the community of drivers, managers and engineers who help protect our students all year long.


Design Through the Decades

A look back at more than 100 years of engineering and design advancements.


Changing Gears

Houston ISD implemented a driver-training program that led to award-winning fleet efficiency for the biggest district in Texas.

Everything’s bigger in Texas, so the saying goes. Nowhere is that more true than in Houston, which is only getting bigger…

Making Moves

With an eye for efficiency and safety, Charlie Ott helps revolutionize the way Clovis Unified School District does pupil transportation.

When Charlie Ott was first hired by Clovis Unified School District four years ago, he was presented with this challenge: provide better service to the students with special needs...

Benefits of the Bus

Education researcher Peter Cookson, Ph.D., discusses how school buses drive education equality.

Though Mark Bryan is best known as the guitarist for the multi-platinum rock band Hootie and the Blowfish, he's also chair main of Carolina Studios…

Why I Drive: Safe Delivery

After two years of retirement from the computer company he founded, Bryan Davis, 71, discovered sitting still didn’t suit him.

Bus driver Bryan Davis tells us why service to the public education system is so important to him…
Being an industry leader means caring about more than engineering, design, and fluid economy. It means caring about the people that you're protecting. And it means giving them a vehicle with a better design, better engine solutions, and better service and support.
When you buy an IC Bus, you're buying years of dependability, safety and performance. And we're constantly developing new solutions to help our buses go the distance, mile after mile.
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For the past 10 years, IC Bus has held strong as the best-selling bus manufacturer in the industry. Why? Because at IC Bus, we design our vehicles to protect the people that ride them, day in and day out.