Every day 15 million students ride to school on an IC Bus. These are stories about the community of drivers, managers and engineers who help protect our students all year long.


Testing for Success

To the engineers at the Navistar Test Center & Engine Plant in Illinois, safety is the ultimate priority.

At Navistar's vehicle testing facility in Melrose Park, Ill., IC Bus products are subjected to a barrage of tests...

Desert Highway

A 550-square-mile school district northwest of Tuscon needed buses that were built to withstand a challenge.

The harsh climate and ever-changing terrain of southern Arizona throw a little bit of everything at the school buses that serve Marana Unified School District...

Power Partners

The Cummins ISB6.7 is coming to the IC Bus CE Series, bringing the best of the industry together in one reliable, proven package.

In a decisive and swift response to satisfy the desire of customers, IC Bus and Navistar are introducing the proven and reliable Cummins ISB engine to the portfolio of options for the IC Bus™ CE Series school buses...

Building a Bus in Tulsa

IC Bus prides itself on manufacturing the same safe, dependable, efficient product every time a school bus rolls off the line. Here’s how.

On the surface, the IC Bus Plant in Tulsa, Okla. may look like any other modern-day factory...

Safety First

Pupil safety is the first thing on our minds. Here’s what we do, and how we got here.

Being an industry leader means caring about more than engineering, design, and fluid economy. It means caring about the people that you're protecting. And it means giving them a vehicle with a better design, better engine solutions, and better service and support.
When you buy an IC Bus, you're buying years of dependability, safety and performance. And we're constantly developing new solutions to help our buses go the distance, mile after mile.
With over 900 locations across our dealer network, IC Bus can get you everything you need to fit your buses, anywhere, anytime - so you can keep rolling, no matter what.
For the past 10 years, IC Bus has held strong as the best-selling bus manufacturer in the industry. Why? Because at IC Bus, we design our vehicles to protect the people that ride them, day in and day out.