Every day 15 million students ride to school on an IC Bus. These are stories about the community of drivers, managers and engineers who help protect our students all year long.


Out of the Office: King of the Grill

Rush Truck Center of Georgia’s John Ley Jr. gets fired up about BBQ.

Rush Bus Center’s John Ley Jr. is known as pretty hot stuff around Georgia…

Why I Drive: Kim Chambers

When Kim Chambers' oldest daughter went off to school, she got behind the wheel for the public school system in Owasso, Oklahoma.

When Kim Chambers’ oldest daughter went off to school, she got behind the wheel for the public school system in Owasso, Oklahoma…

Living History

Freedom Riders from the 1960s Civil Rights movement celebrate the 50th anniversary of their historic journey through the South.

Flames licked at the seats of a Greyhound bus just outside of Anniston, Ala. Inside, 19-year-old Hank Thomas and his fellow riders were desperate to find a way out...

Out of the Office: Staying in Step

Midwest Transit’s Stephen Ball finds his footing on the dance floor.

Midwest Transit Equipment’s Director of School Bus Sales Stephen Ball has found a unique way to put a little extra bounce in his step—by becoming a ballroom dancer...

Why I Drive: Safe Delivery

After two years of retirement from the computer company he founded, Bryan Davis, 71, discovered sitting still didn’t suit him.

Bus driver Bryan Davis tells us why service to the public education system is so important to him…
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