Every day 15 million students ride to school on an IC Bus. These are stories about the community of drivers, managers and engineers who help protect our students all year long.


The Gunflint Trail

There’s no hibernation for a fleet of IC Buses that carry hardy Minnesota students on a treacherous 57-mile route to school each day.

There’s a saying around these parts, on the coast of Lake Superior, 40 miles south of the Canadian border: “The longest winter you’ll ever spend is a summer in Grand Marais.”

Changing Gears

Houston ISD implemented a driver-training program that led to award-winning fleet efficiency for the biggest district in Texas.

Everything’s bigger in Texas, so the saying goes. Nowhere is that more true than in Houston, which is only getting bigger…

Why I Drive: Rich Mounts

Rich Mounts started a new career as a bus driver after retiring. "I tried to take a break for a year," he says, "but I missed people too much."

Bus driver Rich Mounts tells us what it's like to be responsible for loading the country's largest student marching band in just 15 minutes...

Visibility - Three-Piece Windshield and Wipers

IC Bus windshields are designed to provide maximum visibility with minimum distractions.

IC Bus windshields are designed to provide maximum visibility with minimum distractions, so they don’t have A-Pillars or middle dividers that could inhibit the driver’s vision when carrying precious cargo...
Being an industry leader means caring about more than engineering, design, and fluid economy. It means caring about the people that you're protecting. And it means giving them a vehicle with a better design, better engine solutions, and better service and support.
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