Built better to last longer

Our goal was to build a midsize bus that had everything you need – long-lasting reliability, easy serviceability and surprising affordability. No matter what you're looking for in a bus, with the IC Bus™ CE Series, we've got you covered. To begin, its tough steel cage construction, one-piece roof bows, 16-gauge steel exterior panels and solid steel flooring sections give the CE Series incredible strength. From an engine standpoint, we offer the time-tested Cummins B6.7.

We gave the driver tilt steering, cruise control, a lighted steering wheel mounted door control and eight-way light switches, full power hydraulic brakes with ABS and ATC, available air seat and backing camera system. With its 78" interior height and full 96" width, the CE Series can carry up to 52 passengers comfortably. Entry and exit is easy with the tallest and widest entry door in the industry, and the aisle is slip-proof for added safety. We've given the CE Series a long list of optional equipment to add functionality, including factory-installed IC Air, LED interior lighting, audio and video system with PA, overhead parcel rack reading lights, skirt mounted luggage compartment, and ADA-compliant wheelchair lifts.

For mechanics, we made maintenance easy with a lightweight Easy Tilt hood, coordinated service intervals, quick and easy fluid checks, a self-diagnosing International® Diamond Logic electrical system, and externally serviceable glow plugs that don't require removing the valve cover. The CE Series is easy to own, and its reliability and serviceability save you money in the long run. As with every bus we make, IC Bus has you covered throughout the entire ownership experience with our complete bus diagnostic checkup computer system, an expansive parts distribution system and an unmatched dealer network for 24/7 support.


CE Series Specifications

Wheel Base

  • 158'', 169'', 193'', 217'', 236'', 254'', 276''


  • 29-77 passengers


  • 23,500-33,000 lbs.

Front Suspension

  • 8,000 lbs. standard

  • Higher ratings available

Rear Suspension

  • 15,500 lbs. with veri-rate steel spring capability

  • Higher ratings available

  • Air suspension available


  • Cummins B6.7

  • 200hp/520 lb-ft

  • 220hp/520 lb-ft

  • 240hp/560 lb-ft

  • 250hp/660 lb-ft

  • 260hp/660 lb-ft


  • Allison 2500 PTS

  • Allison 3000 PTS


  • Full power hydraulic brakes with ABS and ATC

  • Optional air brakes with ABS


Driver's storage compartment

Tilt steering

Cruise control

Driver’s vestibule dome light

Lighted steering-wheel-mounted door control

Electric entrance door

Powered parking brake (hydraulic brakes only)

Tallest, widest entry door in the industry

78" interior headroom

Koroseal flooring, slip-proof aisle, coved up the wall and eight-way light switches


Factory-installed IC Air

Free blow or ducted air-conditioning and heat

Allison B300

Graphics and paint

Aluminum wheels

LED exterior lighting

Dual outward opening lift doors

Parking brake alarm

Visual and audible alarms for low fuel, oil, voltage, coolant and high temperature

Radio AM/FM with CD player

Driver’s air seat

Power, heated mirrors

Backing and surveillance camera systems

LED interior lighting

Electronic and manual roller signs

Audio and video system with PA

Choice of perimeter or forward-facing seats

Freedman seats

Three-point seatbelts

Overhead parcel rack reading lights

ADA-compliant wheelchair lifts

Up to 100-gallon fuel tank

Solid pane or top T-slider windows

Cold weather package

HEV package

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