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Rich text tables have built-in styles for the thead/th tags that style them as shown below. By default the rich text editor does not include these tags but by right-clicking on the table and selecting "Table Properties" you will see a tab called "Accessibility." From there, set the row and column to 1 in order to get the thead/th tags applied to your table. The styles shown below should come through automatically after doing this. 
 Serviced by Dealers IC Bus Bluebird Advantage
Gasoline Engine  YES NO IC Bus
Gasoline Fuel System YES NO IC Bus
Propane Engine YES NO IC Bus
Propane Fuel System YES NO IC Bus
Coverage IC Bus Blue Bird Thomas Advantage
Engine & Fuel System 5 Years 5 Years  3 Years -
Transmission Allison/7yrs Ford/5yrs  Allison/5yr IC Bus
Towing Unlimited Varies by Component  Varies by Component IC Bus
  IC Bus Blue Bird Thomas
Engine PSI 8.8L V8 Ford 6.8L V10  PI Pithon 8L V8  
Horsepower @ 1000rpm 103 71 71

Horsepower @ 2000rpm

215 160 162

Torque @ 1000rpm

540 lb-ft 375 lb-ft 375 lb-ft

Torque @ 2000rpm

564 lb-ft 564 lb-ft 427 lb-ft

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