Specifications List


  • Wheel Base
    158”, 169”, 193”, 217”, 236”, 254”, 276”

  • Brakes

    Air brakes with ESC

    Optional hydraulic brakes with ABS and ATC

    Air drum brakes and air disc brakes

  • GVWR
    23,500–33,000 lb

  • Capacity
    29–77 passengers

  • Transmission

    Allison 2500 PTS/Allison 3000 PTS with direct mount cooler

    Allison B300

    Eaton Procision™ dual-clutch automated manual


  • Engine
    Cummins® B6.7

    200 hp/520 lb-ft

    220 hp/520 lb-ft

    220 hp/600 lb-ft

    240 hp/560 lb-ft

    250 hp/660 lb-ft

    260 hp/660 lb-ft

    *PSI gasoline or propane options available—contact local IC Bus dealer

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