3 Reasons Why Customers Benefit from Selecting the Cummins L9 in a Type D Application


IC Bus offers the Cummins L9 with torque ratings ranging from 720-860 lb-ft and up to 300 horsepower for enhanced drivability and engine durability. The L9 provides excellent start-ability required to get up and go quickly and easily merge with traffic with best-in-class acceleration for an optimal driving experience.



Customers that need more power, and thus enhanced drivability turn to the L9 that’s offered in the IC Bus RE Series. The L9 provides a higher power range than the Cummins B6.7 with power ratings of the L9 starting where the B6.7 ends, which provides the low-end horsepower and torque that’s needed for heavy-duty start-and-stop school bus operations. Using a larger engine puts less stress on the engine, which contributes to its great durability. This durability is enhanced with the wet sleeve design of the L9, which is the design approach for all heavy-duty diesel engines.



The L9 is manufactured with a robust design and stable architecture allowing for enhanced reliability and a capability that more then meets the need. The L9 is designed to last alongside and beyond a typical school bus life cycle. This becomes more and more important as life cycles extend into the future. With the Type D application having GVWR of 31,800 – 37,000 lbs the L9 engine provides the power the application demands and can stand up to the rigors of its daily use without fatigue.

To learn more about adding the IC Bus RE Series with a Cummins L9 to your fleet, contact your local IC Bus dealer.


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