TECH EmPOWERment Recruiting

We’ve launched TECH EmPOWERment,  a new program to support the International® Truck and IC Bus® Dealer network with their technical recruiting strategy. We do this by fostering relationships between dealers and their community technical schools and creating a career path for those interested in becoming a Service Technician.


Want a lucrative, high-tech and rewarding career that’s always in demand?


Launch your technical career with us!

International® Truck and IC Bus®  offer great career opportunities, along with competitive salary, benefits, training, and a culture where we strive to help our employees achieve success. International® Truck and IC Bus®  deliver exceptional customer service through a network of more than 6,000 service technicians and more than 9,000 service bays.

I can't even express enough how much I love my job. I am beyond passionate for the career I chose. There are so many highlights to being a technician. Problem solving is my favorite, it’s so much fun! This is not your typical repetitive job. I never get bored because every job is different, and it is a challenge. I put all the parts of a puzzle together to find the root cause of the failure. Then, I finalize it with repair and retest. It is ultimately what drives my soul on every job. I am always learning, whether it's on a job, from my coworkers, Navistar Training, testing, or just plain old hands-on experience.

Missy Albin |  Technician  |  Taylor & Lloyd, Inc.


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