The EV Fleet Road Map

Electric Vehicle Onboarding: The Keys to Success for Truck & Bus Fleets

Part of a successful electric vehicle journey for truck and bus fleets is ensuring that drivers, technicians, and managers are comfortable with the overall operations of the vehicles. Episode four of “The EV Fleet Road Map” podcast by International® Truck and IC Bus® takes a deep dive based on learnings from early adopters into how you can successfully and seamlessly onboard EVs into your fleet. In this episode, Joe Jenkins, Zero Emissions Customer Onboarding Manager, walks us through some of the key differences between electric and internal combustion engine vehicles, including regenerative braking, what drivers and technicians should keep an eye on during inspections, and high-voltage safety for maintenance providers.

An OEM’s Perspective on Charging Infrastructure for Medium- and Heavy-Duty Vehicles—Part 1

Did you know that when installing medium- and heavy-duty electric vehicle charging infrastructure, it’s easier, faster, and more cost effective to future proof right off the bat? Long story short—don't buy an EV without considering charging first. Join A.J. Palmisano, Director, EV Charging and Infrastructure, International® Truck and IC Bus®, for episode three of “The EV Fleet Road Map” podcast for all you need to know about charging infrastructure. There’s a lot to cover here, so we’re breaking this topic into two parts. Stay tuned for more.


Consulting: Understanding Fleet Electrification Needs

Check out episode two of “The Fleet Road Map” podcast, where Landre Eagleton, Director of Zero Emissions Consulting & Solutions for International® Truck and IC Bus®, breaks down the electric vehicle consulting process and why it’s so important that truck and bus fleets understand what to expect along their journey toward zero emissions.

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The Diesel to Electric Transition: IC Bus Helps Fleets Prepare

The transition to commercial electric vehicles (EV) doesn’t have to be difficult, it’s just different—if truck and bus fleets are working with the right partners. The team of Zero Emissions experts at International® Truck and IC Bus® are sharing solutions, lessons learned, charging strategies, and ways to avoid common EV pitfalls in a new podcast, “The EV Fleet Road Map.” Tune into the pilot episode as Trish Reed, VP, Zero Emissions, walks listeners through our three-step approach to ease your fleet’s electrification journey. 

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