Connected Vehicle Privacy Notice

This notice supplements the Navistar Privacy Notice and provides additional information on how We (OCC Technology, LLC, and its subsidiaries) collect, process, and disclose information (including your personal data) we may collect about you and vehicle(s) through the OnCommand® Connection Device and OnCommand® Connection Services. The Service(s) consists of the device installed in Navistar and non-Navistar vehicles and the embedded software in such device together with the web portal and mobile app you can use to access your services user account.

Refer to to access the comprehensive Navistar Privacy Notice.

Note that you are solely responsible for notifying all drivers of your vehicle(s), and your authorized users of the device and/or services, if applicable, about this Privacy Policy and your privacy choices. You are solely responsible for notifying any subsequent purchasers of your vehicle(s) of the Device and/or Services associated with your vehicle(s) and upon any such sale must promptly contact OCC to terminate your Services account(s) with respect to such vehicle(s) and notify us of the transfer of title.

  • What Information Do We Collect?

    The information we may collect via the Device and/or Services depends on your consent to participate in the Services.

    Information we may collect include:

    • Contact information (Name, email address, phone number, address, company information)
    • Vehicle identification number
    • Vehicle make
    • Vehicle model
    • Vehicle year
    • License plate number 
    • Payment information
    • Vehicle data (such as but not limited to mileage, fault codes, oil, fuel, battery, air bag, and seat belt status and history; collision data; data about your use of the vehicle and its features, speed of your vehicle; air bag status; and other vehicle diagnostics data)
    • Account Activity (such as but not limited to how you use your account including user settings and programmable parameters relating to electronic control units in your vehicle(s)
    • Website Data (such as but not limited to internet service provider (“ISP”), device ID number, approximate geographic location, browser type, pages you access, websites you access before and after visiting the Site, length of time you spent, date and time stamps, and clickstream data)
    • Location information (Including approximate geographic location information and your GPS location.
  • How Do We Collect Information?

    We may collect information from or about you, your vehicle(s), and your authorized users via the following methods.

    • Information provided to us by you and/or your vehicle dealer and/or manufacturer
    • Information that we collect through your use of the Device and/or Services

    Information Provided by You

    Your Information may be collected when you interact with us in the following ways.

    • Sending us an inquiry about our products and services
    • Register for a Device and/or Services account and to use certain features of the Services
    • Make a payment
  • How Do We Use the Information We Collect?

    We may use your Information for the following purposes, and those purposes reasonably related to the below:

    • Create and administer your account
    • Communicate with you in connection with the Service(s), and to provide you with information and communications that you request
    • Evaluate and improve the Service(s)
    • Improve the performance, operation, health, and safety of our products
    • For asset tracking and vehicle repossession
    • To market products and services to you
    • Create aggregated data that does not directly identify you, and utilize that aggregated data for any purpose we see fit 
    • Comply with inquiries from regulatory bodies and government agencies
    • Improve the content, functionality, and performance of our websites
  • How Do We Disclose Your Information?

    We may disclose your information to the following categories of parties: 

    • Any third party for which you have provided consent to disclosing of your Personal Data
    • OCC Technology, LLC’s affiliates including our parent companies
    • Our business partners such as suppliers, vendors or service providers, and payment processors that provide us with services in connection with the Service(s)
    • Our component suppliers and manufacturers, for their use and analysis of the performance and potential recalls and updates to their component parts
    • Aggregated data may be disclosed to dealers, resellers or OCC Technology, LLC’s business partners, and affiliated businesses
    • Other third parties that have products or services that we think may be of interest to you
    • Regulatory bodies and government agencies as required by law

    Please Note: We do not provide access to records of service events (for example, when you request service, an advisor calls in to your vehicle, or when we provide crash, theft, or emergency services).  We generally do not release those records (including audio records) unless we receive a subpoena or are otherwise required by applicable law.

  • Your Notification Obligations

    The nature of our Device and Service(s) means that there may be circumstances where you might let someone else drive or operate a vehicle that has a Device and/or is otherwise enrolled in the Service(s). It is your responsibility to notify such users of this Privacy Notice and of the privacy choices that you have made with respect to your vehicle.

    If you sell or otherwise transfer your vehicle, it is your responsibility to delete all information (such as contacts, address lookups, saved map addresses) from the vehicle’s Device and contact us to transfer or cancel your account. If you do not delete this information, it may remain on the vehicle’s Device and may be accessible to future users of the vehicle.

  • Your Privacy Rights

    We would like to make sure you are fully aware of all your data privacy rights if you reside in a US State or a country that has passed privacy laws that grant such data privacy rights to you.

    To find out more about your privacy rights, please refer to the comprehensive Navistar Privacy Notice at

  • Updates to this Privacy Notice

    Last Updated on October 01, 2023

    We reserve the right to make modifications or updates to this Privacy Notice at any time.  We will post any changes to this Privacy Notice on our websites.


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