CE Series Midsize Commercial Bus

Long lasting, reliable, easily serviced and surprisingly affordable—this is everything you need to get from A to B, in one quality, made-in-America, midsize commercial transit bus. Combine Cummins® B6.7 power in 5 available configurations, with the comfort of tilt-wheel steering, cruise control and full-power hydraulic brakes. Choose from a long list of options to customize the ride to your exacting demands. And get up to 77 passengers in and out with ease, through the tallest and widest entry door available in the industry. With a tilt hood and self-diagnosing electrical system, your mechanics have easy access to the information they need. And with an expansive parts distribution system and unmatched, 24/7 dealer network support, we have you covered year after year.

Built from the same platform as our renowned CE Series type C school bus, the CE Series commercial bus offers the reliability, ease of service, and sheer driveability that ICBus is known for. The next time your fleet needs a transit solution that can get your passengers where they want to go, take the CE Series for a spin.

  • Up to 52
    passenger capacity
  • Cummins® B6.7
  • Allison Automatic
  • 23,500-30,000 lb
1_3_S1_CE_Com_3Qtr_DT 1_3_S1_CE_Com_3Qtr_MOB
  • Driver’s storage compartment
  • Tilt steering
  • Cruise control
  • Driver’s vestibule dome light
  • Electric entrance door
  • Tallest, widest entry door in the industry
  • 78” interior headroom
  • Koroseal flooring, slip-proof aisle, coved up the wall
  • OnCommand® Connection

  • Brakes

    Air brakes with ESC

    Optional hydraulic brakes with ABS and ATC

    Air drum brakes and air disc brakes

  • Transmission

    Allison 2500 PTS/Allison 3000 PTS with direct mount cooler

    Allison B300

    Eaton Procision™ dual-clutch automated manual

  • Wheel Base

    158”, 169”, 193”, 217”, 236”, 254”, 276”

  • Capacity

    29–77 passengers

  • GVWR

    23,500–33,000 lb

  • Front Suspension

     8,000 lb standard

    Higher ratings available

  • Rear Suspension

    15,500 lb with vari-rate steel spring capability

    Higher ratings available

    Air suspension available

  • Engine

    Cummins® B6.7

    200 hp/520 lb-ft

    220 hp/520 lb-ft

    220 hp/600 lb-ft

    240 hp/560 lb-ft

    250 hp/660 lb-ft

    260 hp/660 lb-ft

    *PSI gasoline or propane options available—contact local IC Bus dealer

1_3_S1_Cummings_B67_DT 1_3_S1_Cummings_B67_MOB

Cummins® B6.7. Powerful and Proven.

  • Engine type: diesel, 4-cycle
  • Configuration: inline 6-cylinder
  • Displacement: 409 cu. in. (6.7L)
  • Bore and stroke: 4.21 X 4.88 in
  • Combustion system: direct injection
  • Engine lubrication: 15L
  • Total engine weight (dry): 1,150 lb
  • Compression ratio: 17.3:1
  • Peak horsepower: 260 @ 1800 RPM
  • Peak torque: 660 @ 1800 RPM
  • Gov. speed: 2600 RPM
  • Clutch-engagement torque: 400 (lb-ft)
  • Aspiration: VGT™ Turbocharger
  • Fuel system: Common Rail (electro-mechanical)
Performance Data and Full Engine Specs
1_3_S4_CE_Series_Com_Prof_DT 1_3_S4_CE_Series_Com_Prof_MOB

Ergonomics 101. How we design buses drivers love to drive.

1_3_S5_DSC01412_DT 1_3_S5_DSC01412_DT


Dedicated, highly-trained employees. Rigorous testing (the brakes alone undergo nine in-process validations). Complete construction under one roof. From our Tulsa, OK, manufacturing facility, we put nearly 11,000 new buses on the road each year.

DriverFirst™. We put the one in front at the center of it all.

They spend the day behind the wheel. We make them feel right at home. DriverFirst™ is our commitment to providing the most ergonomic, driver-centric environment in the industry. Everything they need, right where they need it—for increased safety and reduced driver fatigue. 

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Your buses belong on the road. Our dealer network ensures it.

Maximum uptime from quality construction, and maximum efficiency for maintenance and repair. Together, they ensure better life-cycle value and an overall lower cost of ownership. Fulfill the plans for your fleet from the industry’s most comprehensive dealer network. And with eight parts distribution centers supplying more than 1,000 service locations in North America, count on maximum uptime and better operational control.

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