Keep Your Fleet Moving Forward

If you’re interested in equipment ownership, new or used, a personalized loan from Navistar Financial may be right for you. A loan provides no mileage limitations, no vehicle usage limitations, a variety of payment plans and depreciation tax benefits.

Leasing offers a variety of benefits. For example, customers who prefer to operate newer equipment can lease instead of purchase and typically pay lower upfront costs and monthly payments. Leasing is also a convenient option for customers who are not interested in owning equipment or having to sell or trade the equipment. Different lease types are available, all with fixed monthly payments throughout the lease period. 

When it’s time to add or replace equipment, consider obtaining a line of credit from Navistar Financial.

Contact your local dealer for more information.

Navistar Financial brochure


Navistar Financial Brochure
Navistar Financial brochure


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