OnCommand Connection®:
Your Uptime MVP

OnCommand Connection® (OCC), standard on all new IC Bus models, brings intuitive, actionable data to school districts everywhere. Now school districts can better manage the unexpected with tools and insights built to help fleets run safely and efficiently.

With OCC, school districts will have access to health and performance data of every vehicle in operation, and when a vehicle fault does occur, vehicle health reports and fault code action plans are available to make it easy to see how severe the issue is, and the likely needed parts and service required to address the issue. Route history data, including records of vehicle stops, door opens and closes, and driver behavior help give a complete view of how each bus has been operated.

Here’s how OCC can help manage your fleet of buses:

  • Monitor and track your fleet in real time
  • Aggregated your all-makes fleet into one simple interface
  • Generate health reports to proactively schedule maintenance and service
  • Create customized alerts based on vehicle fault severity 
  • Monitor driver behavior, including speeding and hard acceleration braking events

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