Power of Choice

Why engine choice matters and how IC Bus delivers.

The Power of Choice makes all the difference.

Part of providing the best possible experience for customers and their drivers is providing just the right engines to meet the needs of the fleet. From Diesel and Gasoline, to high-performance Propane IC Bus works with reputable partners like Cummins® and PSI® in order to build the most resilient, reliable buses in the industry. Then we work with you to evaluate your evolving needs and help you select the right engines to meet your goals. With best-in-class Allison transmissions standard on every model, and best-in-class engine access on our flagship CE Series bus, we bring power and people together to keep you headed down the road.

The Choice is yours, but we help you get it right.

If rolling terrain with high mileage is part of your profile, diesel engines may be your best choice. If you’re running a small operation with a minimal footprint, gasoline may make the most sense. And for cold weather operations and environmentally conscious operators, propane or gasoline may be the appropriate path. Regardless of your preferences and your fleet’s demands, IC Bus has the expertise, and the engines, to meet your needs today and over time.

Why Propane?

  • Tax credit and grant availability
  • Smooth, quiet, reliable power
  • Most stable fuel price
  • Clean burning
  • Limited after treatment
  • Cold weather benefits

Why Gasoline?

  • Lowest acquisition cost
  • Limited aftertreatment
  • Maintenance technician availability
  • Ideal for stop and go & short routes
  • Cold weather benefits
  • Access to fuel

Why Diesel?

  • Reliable and efficient
  • Most powerful
  • Most durable
  • Best fuel economy
  • Familiar components
  • Access to fuel

Here’s what we proudly place under every hood.

PSI 8.8L

Purpose-built for the school bus industry, PSI’s medium-duty, 8.8L naturally aspirated engine is available in both gasoline and propane versions and uses the same engine block for simplified maintenance. Developed from the block up for durability and reliability, these engines deliver diesel-like torque and power at near idle RPM and come with a 5-year, unlimited mileage warranty—including parts and labor.


A no-compromise solution for school districts everywhere, with similar power and performance to diesel. Provides immediate acceleration from a complete stop, and greater hill climbing capability. 


A clean-technology solution without sacrificing power or performance. Driven by an ECU that integrates all critical functions including governor, variable ignition timing, air/fuel ratio, knock suppression and engine protection.


An engine that delivers uptime, big time. The B-Series has an impressive, 30-year legacy with over 12 million engines produced. Every aspect of the B6.7 is engineered for reliability, durability and fuel efficiency to deliver the lowest cost of ownership.


A leading engine for medium duty applications, the Cummins L9 is built for power and reliability, with a wet-sleeve design that provides greater cost effectiveness over longer life spans.

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