Next Generation IC Bus® CE Series:
The DriverFirstTM Experience

Driving a school bus is unlike driving any other vehicle. The sounds, the weather, the traffic, and tight time schedules all add up to a very complex job – not to mention the heavy responsibility of transporting several dozen children. To make the task more manageable, it’s important to make sure the driver is empowered with the tools they want and need. It’s a philosophy we call DriverFirst™, which is our commitment to do everything we can to provide a working environment that puts drivers in a position to succeed. Let’s take a look at some of the IC Bus® CE Series features that school bus drivers will appreciate.


The Next Generation CE Series includes the very latest in safety technology. These features are essential when it comes to empowering the driver with critical information and keeping children out of harm’s way.

  •  Bendix® Intellipark® electronic parking brake standard (on air brake units)
  • Entrance doors integrated into dash cluster, providing ‘Door Ajar’ warning if bus reaches certain speed prior to door being fully closed
  • Electronic stability control
Yellow school bus

Bendix® Wingman® Advanced and Bendix® Wingman® Fusion

The Bendix® Wingman® Safety Packages use radar (Advanced™ package) and an optional video camera (Fusion package) to scan the forward path of the bus. If a slower-moving or stopped vehicle is detected, the system is designed to reduce the severity and likelihood of a rear-end impact through automatic braking and audible alerts.
Bus Driver

Following Distance Alerts

The radar can also be used to maintain a safe following distance when the adaptive cruise control is engaged. Radar has many advantages, including the ability to read objects through all weather conditions, such as rain, snow, smoke, and fog.
Bus driver in mirror

Lane Departure Warning (Fusion Package)

The camera can detect if the bus unintentionally departs the lane without the turn signal activated and will sound an alarm and provide a visual alert. This is particularly valuable during driver distraction or drowsiness situations.
Yellow school bus

A Clear Vision

Visibility is crucially important to any school bus driver. Children of all heights walk next to, in front of, behind and toward the bus – and being able to see them is the only way to ensure they are kept safe. The Next Generation CE Series includes several enhancements that help boost the situational awareness of the driver.

Visibility Features

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The Command Center

The Next Generation CE Series includes a completely redesigned instrument panel and driver sitting area. Using input from bus drivers, IC Bus created a virtual command center where the driver has everything they need within arm’s reach.
  • Charging Ports

    USB-A and USB-C charging ports
  • Cup Holder

    Easy-to-reach 44-ounce cup holder
  • Driver Seat

    Full range of driver seat options
  • Ergonomic Wing
    Instrument Panel

  • Integrated Driver
    HVAC System

  • Premium Dash Cluster

    Premium dash cluster with
    a 5-inch digital color display

  • Steering Wheel Switches

    Backlit, color-coded steering wheel switches
  • Trash Bin

    Optional trash bin with double the capacity of previous model

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