The Next Generation
IC Bus® CE Series Bus

Ahead of its class

When it comes to transporting our most precious cargo, only the best will do. That means a bus that has some of the latest safety technology, is built with high-quality materials, offers forward-thinking propulsion options and provides drivers with everything they need to be successful.

It means a company willing to go above and beyond all expectations with engineers who are never satisfied with the status quo. Introducing the Next Generation CE Series. And welcome to a new era in school transportation.

First and foremost.

Of all the requirements IC Bus® engineers are tasked with when designing a new bus, one rises above the rest: It must be a safe means of transportation for the children who ride inside. It’s an enormous responsibility and something that we never take for granted.

That’s why the next generation CE Series includes the very latest in safety technology, including standard electronic stability control (air brake models). These features are essential when it comes to empowering the driver with critical information and keeping the children riding inside out of harm’s way.

Key Safety Features:

  • Bendix® Intellipark® electronic parking brake standard (on air brake units) 
  • Bendix® Wingman® Advanced Safety Package (air brake units) – including active braking capabilities for collision avoidance, following distance alerts, adaptive cruise and more 
  • No Student Left Behind child monitoring system 
  • Single-panel glass on entrance door for improved driver visibility
  • Entrance doors integrated into dash cluster, providing ‘Door Ajar’ warning if bus reaches certain speed prior to door being fully closed 
  • Daytime running headlights with automatic twilight sensor 
  • Electronic stability control

A Clear Vision

Visibility is crucially important to any school bus driver. Children of all heights walk next to, in front of, behind and toward the bus–and being able to see them is the only way to ensure they are kept safe. The Next Generation CE Series includes several enhancements that help boost the situational awareness of the driver.

Visibility Features

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IC Bus Full View
Camera Technology by Rosco

IC Bus is proud to offer the industry’s first camera system designed specifically for school buses. Combined with the side mirrors, this advanced system will allow bus drivers to have a “full view” around the bus for total situational awareness, so they can concentrate on driving and keeping kids safe.

Bus camera views Bus camera views

Full View Camera Features

  • Provides drivers views based on the situation at hand, such as backing up, opening the door or a view to the side or front of the bus.
  • This purpose-built camera technology is designed to not overload the driver with too much information, but instead provide them with the right information at the right time.
  • Gives the driver a greater feeling of security and peace of mind with the combination of the full view camera technology and driver mirrors.
  • Provides accurate visibility to the areas of that matter most around the bus.

Intuitive Protection

The Bendix® Wingman® Advanced Safety Package uses radar and an optional video camera (Fusion package) to scan the forward path of the bus. If a slower-moving or stopped vehicle is detected, the system is designed to reduce the severity and likelihood of a rear-end impact through automatic braking and audible alerts. This integration of various technologies creates a highly detailed data picture that can significantly reduce the chance of a false alert or activation.

Safety cluster Safety cluster

The Next Generation CE Series was designed from the beginning to utilize active safety. In fact, the alerts are now integrated into the gauge cluster as opposed to being mounted atop the instrument panel in previous models.


What it does

Stationary Vehicle Braking

Provides alert and braking when system definitively identifies stationary car in lane.
Stationary Object Alert Helps reduce the likelihood of hitting a stationary object.
Collision Mitigation Helps reduce the frequency and severity of rear-end collisions.
Adaptive Cruise Control

Helps driver maintain gap with forward vehicle.

Following Distance Alerts Helps reinforce a safer distance gap between host and forward vehicles.
Overspeed Alert & Action Lane Departure Warns driver when speeding and alerts the driver to unintended lane change.
Alert Prioritization Provides most critical alert first helping mitigate driver distraction from multiple alerts occurring simultaneously.
Impact Alerts Helps warn the driver that a collision with a forward vehicle is possible.

School Bus Sensors School Bus Sensors

The Importance of Full Stability

The IC Bus® CE Series is available with the most powerful driver assistance system currently available for the commercial vehicle industry. The system integrates various sensors and brakes into a comprehensive safety suite to help drivers mitigate collisions, rollovers and loss-of-control situations — potentially resulting in lower repair costs and greater peace of mind.
Driving scenario

The vehicle’s speed around a curve has exceeded the ability of the tires to hold the vehicle orientation, causing the vehicle to slide and over-steer.

Driving scenario

ESC helps to correct the vehicle orientation by reducing speed and, if required, the system quickly applies braking pressure to the appropriate wheels.

Driving scenario

A vehicle enters a curve too fast on high friction pavement. The wheels and the pavement create a “hinge” effect, allowing the forces at the center of gravity to push the vehicle over.

Driving scenario

ESC applies pressure to all brakes and reduces engine throttle to quickly reduce vehicle speed and help reduce the chance of a rollover.

Designed with Drivers in Mind

Every successful trip begins and ends with the driver. That’s why we empower them with tools that elevate their comfort, efficiency and situational awareness in a meaningful and non-intrusive manner.

It’s a philosophy we call DriverFirst™, which is our commitment to do everything we can to provide a working environment that puts drivers in a position to succeed. After all, it’s hard enough to find committed drivers, let alone retain them. So, if we’re able to help by providing a bus that drivers want to drive, then everyone wins. Your district wins by retaining an experienced driver, the driver wins by building a stable and satisfying career and, most importantly, the kids win by boarding a bus each morning driven by someone who loves their job.

Interior Features

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A Bus Built To Last

From sizable potholes to boisterous students, a school bus must face daily punishment. That’s why the CE Series is built to the highest standards at our production facility in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Materials have been carefully chosen for their durability and advanced steel coatings help provide a robust defense against corrosion. In addition, areas under the hood that require routine maintenance are conveniently located to help you stay ahead of potential issues.

Durable Construction

  • 16-gauge steel body and interior panels for longevity and structural integrity
  • 14-gauge steel threaded body bows with continuous runners connecting all roof bows for ruggedness and superior strength
  • Stamped parts used wherever possible during construction provides increased strength and tighter tolerances
  • Meets or exceeds FMVSS/CMVSS
Manufacturing crew Manufacturing crew

Time-Saving Serviceability

  • Diamond Logic® electrical system enables programming of body integration and driver efficiency features; common uses include exterior light check for pre-trip inspections, “No Student Left Behind” post-trip inspection monitor, lights on with windshield wipers, and customization of interlocks for dome light
  • Improved accessibility to routine maintenance items including the HVAC filter & air dryer (under the hood), fuel filter (outside frame rail), stepwell heater (inside stepwell), and the oil filter
  • Electrical panel/fuse block arrangement:
    • Instrument panel fuses are easily accessed inside the bus with chassis fuse block with spill-resistant cover
    • Body fuse block outside of bus in electrical panel under driver’s window
School bus in shop School bus in shop

Enhanced Corrosion Resistance

  • New one-piece driver floor mat reduces potential corrosion and maintenance costs, plus is easier to keep clean
  • Naviflex coated stepwell* provides superior corrosion resistance 
  • Interior modesty panels treated with 90G/90G galvanized coating and then painted for enhanced corrosion resistance
Yellow school bus Yellow school bus

Connected Technology to Boost On-Time Performance

Knowledge is power. And when you’re armed with the data you need to make informed decisions, the outcomes are always better. IC Bus® offers powerful tools that can not only help you stay ahead of issues but accelerate repair times when a bus is in for service. So, whether you operate one bus or an entire fleet, you’ll have access to a powerful set of tools and resources for maximizing uptime and operational efficiency.

Now standard on all new vehicles — factory-installed telematics including a five (5) Year subscription. We deliver proactive tools that help reduce unplanned downtime, increase safety, and drive on-time performance.

Connectivity includes:

OnCommand® Connection ("OCC")

  • 24/7 access and visibility to real-time vehicle diagnostics and predictive maintenance tools
  • Visibility to current vehicle location and route history
  • Monitor driver, including harsh braking, hard acceleration and idle time reporting
Man inspecting school bus Man inspecting school bus
Kids on school bus Kids on school bus

IC Bus® 360®

  • Seamless communication with dealers and up-to-date repair status 
  • Complete VIN-based information – asset specs, complete parts catalog, remote health data, and more 
  • Online service request initiation and estimate approvals 
  • Complete service history, up-to-date campaign information, and engine calibration status

Proven Results

  • 83% of users have experienced a reduction in the number of emails and phone calls regarding service communications
  • 30% improvement in service repair time and unplanned service events when utilizing IC Bus 360 and OnCommand® Connection
School bus driver School bus driver

Next-Gen Powertrains

School bus fleets are rapidly transitioning to electric. In most cases, it makes perfect sense thanks to consistent routes, a central depot to charge and readily accessible funding assistance. But not all routes or districts are suited for electric–and that’s why we offer both options. The tried-and-true Cummins® B6.7L provides the power you need with a low total cost of ownership and impressive uptime. Those who choose the Next Generation Electric CE Series can rest easy knowing that it has been designed from the get-go to run on electric propulsion with its incredible torque and quiet, calm-inducing ride. Whichever direction you go, the future has never looked brighter.


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