The TODAY Show features Electronic Stability Program and Collision Mitigation.

Now the whole world knows we’re bringing the latest technology to the school bus industry.

Perhaps as well as anyone in America, journalist Jeff Rosen understands the importance of school bus safety. His own children were recently involved in an accident in which a vehicle collided with their bus on a highway. So what if the nation’s largest school bus company found a way to make travel safer, and incorporated that technology into every new school bus they built?

With Electronic Stability Control and Collision Mitigation technology, IC Bus is doing just that. And on a closed track, using aerial drone footage, Jeff Rosen and his TODAY Show team demonstrated our life-saving technologies in action.

See the dramatic footage in this video below. 

Electronic Stability Program and Collision Mitigation technology now standard on every CE Series and RE Series bus.

Learn more about these technologies, and explore all the safety features on an IC Bus.

See how IC Bus puts the DriverFirst™.

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