How IC Bus gives drivers the “Full View.”

Get an inside look at the IC Bus Full View Camera Technology™ and learn how our purpose-built camera system can lighten driver workload and deliver greater peace of mind.

Now drivers see what they need to see, right when they need to see it with IC Bus Full View Camera Technology™

Working hand-in-hand with Rosco® Vision Systems, IC Bus® has designed the industry's first purpose-built camera system for a school bus application. Now available on every school bus we build, IC Bus Full View Camera Technology™ combines three distinct cameras with the vehicle’s side mirrors to bring accurate visibility to the areas that matter most. The system is proven to help reduce blind spots around the bus and provide drivers with danger zone views based on any driving scenario.


A system that automatically knows where, and when, to look.

The Full View system’s focused, intuitive approach helps drivers avoid information overload by displaying the most appropriate view based on the situation at hand, including backing up, opening the door, and viewing the front, side or rear of the bus.


360 degrees isn’t always the full picture.

Other bus companies claim to provide a 360-degree view, but most of these off-the-shelf, one-size-fits-all systems were designed for non-commercial automotive applications and shorter, smaller vehicles. They utilize video stitching techniques that can generate inaccurate visual representations, and a false sense of security, particularly in the four corners of a bus.

IC Bus Full View Camera Technology™ utilizes three distinct cameras, each providing a separate view that when combined with side mirrors, delivers a clear picture of everything, and everyone, around the vehicle. Customers can choose from several options for monitor orientation, including rearview mirror integration or as a separate, free-standing monitor.


See the benefits of IC Bus Full View Camera Technology™

  • Accurate visibility for critical operations
  • Increased peace of mind for every driver
  • Customizable monitor orientation
  • Purpose-built for the school bus industry
  • Available on all CE and RE models

See the difference for yourself.

Download our Full View information sheet 

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