Maintenance Items for School Bus Fleets

School Bus Maintenance

Keeping your buses in tip-top shape can mean lower operating costs, less downtime, improved fuel economy and a longer-lasting fleet.

Maintaining a fleet of buses is a year-round job. But some seasons can be much harder on buses than others. Keeping your fleet in excellent shape not only helps get ahead of potential issues, but it also brings economic benefits for the district including lower operating costs, less downtime, improved fuel economy and a longer-lasting fleet. Below are many of the items that should be checked on a regular basis.

Mechanical items to check

  • Transmission fluid – ensure optimal levels
  • Oil change – also check for fluid leaks
  • Tires – check tread depth, air pressure
  • Wheelchair lifts – regular maintenance
  • Steering – must be centered
  • Windshield – free of cracks
  • Wiper blades – free of streaks
  • Mirrors – in working order
  • Lights – in working order
  • Drive belts – free of cracks
  • Brakes – ensure air pressure is at maximum level and remains constant even with the engine off

Other items to check

The physical condition of the bus is equally important – especially regarding safety items. Be sure to carefully inspect the condition of the seats and make sure they’re securely bolted to the floor. Also, check the doors and windows for cracks and proper operation.

  • Seat belts - in working order, check for rips and fraying
  • Heating and cooling - in working order
  • Emergency kit – check supply levels and any expiration dates
  • Fire extinguisher – check expiration date
  • Horn – in working order

Driver Training

Last but not least: driver training. The condition of the buses won’t matter unless you have drivers to drive them. Driver recruitment and training is another year-round job and it’s important to make sure all drivers are up-to-date on training – especially on new equipment.

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