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Service Allies - Military Recruitment Program

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America Needs You!
Our military is only as good as its equipment, and equipment is only as good as the people that maintain it!
Looking to transition from military service to a career in the commercial trucking industry?
Service Allies is the answer for you! 
The Service Allies program connects military veterans with career opportunities at International® Truck and IC Bus® Dealers. We believe the skills you learned in the military are easily transferable to the transportation industry, so consider a career with us!

Benefits to military veterans:

  • A smooth transition from military service to a secure career path.
  • Long-term career potential, not just a job, in a growth industry.
  • Great compensation with strong benefits packages.
  • Placement assistance from VetFirst Solutions Group so you can live and work where you prefer.
  • Satisfaction of knowing you help keep America running.
  • Opportunity to work for established local and national companies.
  • Chance to leverage your heavy equipment experience in the military into a career in the transportation industry.
Benefits to International® Truck and IC Bus® Dealers:

  • Guaranteed satisfaction with job candidates—we carefully screen all candidates before they arrive at your dealership.
  • Veterans returning to the civilian workforce already have qualities you’re looking for—drive, responsibility, and the ability to get the job done!
  • Access to experienced and disciplined military talent pool with existing training, which reduces training costs.
  • Fewer entry-level hires means generating service gross profits faster.
  • A chance to support veterans who have served our country by offering them a career.
  • Transitioning military veterans are provided with free relocation to any location of their choosing (continental United States) as a part of their transition package.

Navistar and Hill International have provided me with the opportunity to expand my training as a diesel technician. They offered me hands-on training with highly experienced technicians starting my very first day on the job. This opportunity has given me a sense of relief transitioning into the real world. I know I have the support I need to build a successful career. Getting out of the military is very stressful. There is a lot of uncertainty because you’re moving back home without knowing if you’ll have a job when you get there. The Service Allies program took away that stress and uncertainty and I am very blessed to have had this opportunity.

One of the hardest things to find in entry and mid-level technician candidates these days are discipline, commitment to his chosen field as truck technician, and readiness to work. I have not had that issue with my VETFIRST technician candidate Tyler West. Tyler, who will soon reach the end of his Marine Corps commitment, demonstrates those traits instilled in him from his years of Marine training.

In my mind,  VETFIRST is a success for several reasons. It matched us with an able and experienced local technician candidate and gave us at Hill International the chance to help a Veteran return to civilian life a productive career. It gave a Veteran the chance to return to his hometown area  with career options that match his choice of after military service field of choice.

Joe Mazur | Service Manager | Hill International Trucks, LLC


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