Top Team Technician Competition

Navistar has launched its inaugural Top Team technician skills competition. Top Team is a North American competition for professional service technicians within the International® Truck and IC Bus® service network. All Master Certified Technicians and Diamond Certified Technicians from our dealership service departments are welcome to compete.

In the summer of 2023, champions will be crowned for the Truck and Bus Categories.

During the Top Team competition, our service technicians have the opportunity to display their skills, knowledge, and professionalism as they safely and efficiently maintain or diagnose and repair different systems in mobile or stationary equipment.

About Top Team

Top Team encourages internal collaboration and increases knowledge and motivation. This way, service personnel develop their skills by combining training and networking with the competition. The results benefit International Truck and IC Bus customers by providing more effective service. The competition is greatly appreciated by service personnel and enhances the attractiveness of International Truck and IC Bus as employers.

Why a competition?

The importance of service technicians to Navistar — and to the heavy vehicle industry as a whole — cannot be overstated. We would not be the successful brand we are today if it were not for the continual work of all our technicians and dealerships.

We want to recognize their hard work by bringing the best of the best to compete. Our service technicians ensure the International and IC Bus vehicles are back out on the road as quickly and as efficiently as possible, so they can generate earnings for our customers.

Top Team positive effects:

  • Celebrate the best service technicians in the company’s North American network.
  • Connect participants with Navistar’s culture and its core mission of driving the shift towards sustainable transport systems.
  • Serve as an important recruitment tool.
  • Tap into Navistar’s goal of promoting constant learning and demonstrate the value of service staff to the organization at large.
  • Provide an opportunity for participants to learn new techniques and technologies and provide a gateway to self-improvement.
  • Provide a great way to compete against colleagues from all over North America in an interesting context.

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