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Navistar Service Essentials is a program to foster relationships between Technical Schools and the Dealer Network by offering schools with diesel curriculum access to web-based training, diagnostic software,  parts and service information. All this free of charge!
OnCommand® Education
Online training with more than 180 interactive courses that educate students, technicians, operators, and fleet managers how to properly service their vehicles, use Navistar® Special Tools, and navigate Navistar® systems. The OnCommand® Education Learning Management System (LMS) includes a student-centric portal of web-based training that is available from any computer with an Internet connection and includes online student progress tracking. Courses include printable material for later reference.

OnCommand® Service Information
Centralized, VIN-based online source of detailed service information for fleet managers and technicians. Facilitates faster, more accurate diagnosis, repair, and maintenance. Real-time access to up-to-date, VIN-based information, health reports, service manuals, bulletins, electrical circuit diagrams, and more.

OnCommand®  Parts Information
Web-based system provides instant access to complete,  VIN-based parts lists for International®  Truck and  IC  Bus® vehicles. Includes illustrated parts breakdown diagrams for easier parts identification. Complete line set ticket information as the vehicle was originally manufactured is provided. Keyword and visual search and cross-reference search for vendor and OE parts is included.

Diagnostic Software
Access to top-notch Diagnostic Software that will allow you students to diagnose International® engines, chassis, electronic control module, and collect vehicle information, diagnostic troubleshooting codes (DTCs) from the vehicle communication network. The software that is included is: 
Navistar® Engine Diagnostics (NED) Software
Engine diagnostic and parameter programming service tool for all J1939 International® electronic engine systems. Technicians can monitor the control systems, retrieve diagnostic trouble codes (DTC), change parameters, view and graph engine data, and run specialized service bay testing on all engine and after-treatment systems.

Diamond Logic® Builder (DLB) Software
High-performance diagnostics, feature code and advanced logic programming for the electrical systems on International® Truck and IC Bus® vehicles. View electrical connector pin-outs, bidirectional control of electrical components, and detailed diagnostic information for specific vehicle trouble codes.
NOTE: Feature code programming only available for Level 2 user access. Advanced Logic programming only available for Level 3 user access. To gain higher access levels training is required.

NavKal™ Programming
Electronic Control Module (ECM), Aftertreatment Control Module (ACM) and Doser Control Unit (DCU) programming software for all International® engines.

HeRo™ Health Report Software

Collects vehicle information, diagnostic troubleshooting codes (DTCs) and other vital data points from the vehicle communication network and compiles them into a vehicle health report, which is displayed within the application. HeRo also posts these health reports to OnCommand® Connection and the International® Service PortalSM, which add additional information such as open campaigns on the vehicle and fault code action plans (FCAP).


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